2009-2010 NEoAGTD Enhancement Programme

(The First Joint Session for a New Learning Cohort)

There are altogether 3 schools joining our Enhancement Programme this year, namely, Heep Woh Primary School (P.M.), Fan Ling Assembly of God Church Primary School and Aberdeen St. Peter's Catholic Primary School. Although the number of participating schools is apparently smaller, however, according to our observation during the training under the leadership and facilitation of Ms Phoebe Chan, it was noticed that our AGTD students were more ready to contribute in the learning process of the new course. They were very attentive. They were eager to learn. They got much reflection and were deeply impressed by the show that their senior AGTD students demonstrated to them. They actively participated in every learning activity, striving for their best to outperform themselves. The main theme of the first session is focusing on “Self Inquiry: Learning Effectiveness” and most of our AGTD students did achieve their aim of heading towards enhancing their learning effectiveness.



We work in teams!

 My perception is…

Prize presentation by Mr. Chow

See how attentive we are!

I know the answer!

I’ll do some reflection first!
 Well, my point is…

We have more than 10 points!

We need concentration when we do our worksheet.
Examples of Biggest and Smallest are…


Let’s give him a big hand, shall we ?


I represent ASPCPS…



Who can tell me how ‘rote learning’ can help you?
Our teachers and parents are behind us!
See how supportive my teammates are!
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