What is the project ¡§The New Era of Amazing Grace of Talent Development¡¨ (NEoAGTD) all about?

¡§The New Era of Amazing Grace of Talent Development¡¨ (NEoAGTD) is rooted in the schools where the talent development for creating a new generation of gifted and talented young moral leaders can be strategically fostered. It is expected that with such programme parallel to and even built-in in the existing school curriculum for years, the effectiveness of learning and teaching of the entire school can be further enhanced. The chief aim of the project is to train up a population of gifted and talented students who carries high learning capability to be aspiring, enthusiastic and independent lifelong learners with strong moral leadership. They all concern for the societal, political and economical growth of our home country. They also care about the progression of global growth and the quality life of every individual person.

The programme adopts a progressive and spiral approach to develop its thinking and action-based curriculum. It strives to equip the students with the mastery of understanding, enquiry, critical reflection and appreciation of effective learning through the growing trust between teachers and students as well as the stronger collaboration between the school and the families. It is to provide the students with a loving, caring, encouraging and challenging environment to learn with confidence and they are proud to be a future leader to serve the next generations.



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