Student Programme


  An Overview of the Programme

This is a carefully orchestrated programme focusing on the enhancement of gifted and talented students' thinking and learning capacities. The programme includes two one-year intensive training packages in higher-order thinking and action-based learning.

For the Basic Programme, we strive to develop our students' potentiality and competency in learning to learn endeavour. It is not only a journey of facilitating brain-engaged study skills but also a transformational and inspiring process of fostering reflective, self-regulatory and higher-order thinking abilities. Students in the basic course are entitled to take part in a series of at least 25 90-minute lessons together with 3 inquiry-based projects in the local and Guangzhou contexts.

For the Enhancement Programme, it is a top-up talent development course specifically designed for those students who have successfully undergone a one-year fundamental training with distinctive learning achievements. The course has its framework embedded in action-based learning theory emphasising on the collaborative effect of critical reflection, inquiry and effective learning. It is designed to help students further strengthen their learning competence and develop their aspirations while they are immersing in the experiential educational activities within and outside school. The training comprises 8 sessions and 4 thematic projects. The total training hours will be no less than 50. It calls for increasing collaboration among students, parents and teachers of the school.



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