Train-the-trainers Programme


An Overview of the Programme

In order to build the talent development programme into the school infrastructure as a school-based gifted programme, it is necessary to train up a team of professionals who not only have the vision, passion and deep interest in educating the youth but have the courage to take risks and possess the capacities to work with our younger generation through a talent development journey and develop their talents to full potentials. Teachers attending the train-the-trainers workshops are encouraged to link theories and practices together and hopefully apply their learnt theories into their daily practices in the long run. As a consequence, the programme is divided into two main parts. The first part is done in the workshops where teachers coming from various participating schools gather together and share their learning under the guidance of the tutor with a structured curriculum. The second part of the training is operated in the teachers' workplace where tutors provide on-site support and give professional advices when appropriate during school visits and discuss with teachers on their practices after class observations.


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